Individual Therapy

Confidential therapy sessions. Rudy provides short and long term therapy to help you integrate and find relief from that tension, sadness, emotion, and/or distress that does not seem to go away on its own.

Rudy takes a depth-oriented approach that views suffering as a signal that something deeply important needs attention. Therapy, therefore, helps you to find the meaning/cause to your suffering and aims to address unhappiness at its emotional or developmental root. Individual therapy supports you in gaining greater awareness, confidence, and ease in your life. Rather than just managing symptoms, Rudy utilizes clinical acumen to help you thrive . 

Reach out for a free consultation to discover if you are a good fit. 


Couple's Therapy


Sometimes the love and magic in your relationship is overtaken with tension, discomfort, fighting, broken communication, and lack of connection. Sometimes you need a boost to prevent things from getting worse, and other times you want to save your relationship from a potential end. Couple's Therapy helps couples of all types to resolve negative patterns, communication issues, and lack of harmony in order to regain love, romance, and connection. Love and connection can be rekindled. Rudy utilizes attachment theory and other clinical modalities to help couples find balance and work as an effective team. Call for a free consultation to see if Rudy can support your relationship. 






Men's Group

Accepting members as of 10/22/2021

This is a powerful therapy for men 20 years and older seeking to increase their emotional intelligence, boost self-esteem, and resolve emotional difficulties  - in a space held by other men.

The group is limited to 8 people and meets every week on

 Tuesdays from 5:30 - 7pm.


Individual Therapy $150 - Couple's & Family Therapy $180 - Men's Group $40