Therapy Helps

“...strength is not the absence of vulnerability. Strength is knowing what your weaknesses are and working with them.”   - Terrence Real

“It is the quality of our relationships that will determine the quality of our lives... Navigating relationships and cultivating relational intelligence are key to your professional success.” – Esther Perel


Therapy is a process in which you share what is happening in your life as authentically as possible. The therapist hears what you are saying, without judgement, and acts as an extra set of eyes and hears. Throughout this exchange the therapist, with their knowledge of emotional dynamics and psychology, helps you to see, understand, and change patterns that perpetuate your suffering. Therapy is a place where the deepest parts of yourself and your relationships are given attention. It is successful when your inner longings, goals, and emotions are in alignment with your work, relationships, and life. 


Individual Therapy

Individual talk therapy to address a variety of issues from depression and anxiety to trauma. 

Couples Therapy

Therapy for any couple to improve communication, reduce fighting, and rekindle love. 

Family Therapy

Therapy for the whole family to improve communication, reduce acting out in kids, and develop healthy structure. 

Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy to improve emotional intelligence, heal old wounds, and receive support. 

You are here because something isn't quite right. Despite most things going well you find yourself anxious or depressed, especially when alone. Feelings or memories from the past keep you from enjoying the present moment. Sometimes it may feel like your relationship is not where it could be and despite loving each-other communication keeps breaking down. You want a therapist that can help you identify and explore what is going on in order to help you find peace, empowerment, and connection. You want someone who can help you become more aware of the life patterns that keep you feeling bad and prevent you from reaching your potential. I provide person-centered, depth-oriented, individual, couples, family, and group therapy. I am fully trained in EMDR and use it to address trauma, negative self beliefs, recurring or stuck emotions, and depression and anxiety. I utilize EFT (Emotion-Focused-Therapy) for working with couples to help spark and rekindle safety, connection, and love.

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